1977 MG MGB (2)

The owner of this 1977 MG MGB brought his car to our shop. His mother bought the car when it was new and drove it in college. After his mother passed away, he inherited the car.

1977 MG MGB Dash

He loved to drive it but felt it didn’t have enough power. The owner brought it to us and asked if we could make it faster and handle better. He mentioned wanting to put a 280Z 6 cylinder engine in the car. We said why do that when we can pull an LS1 motor from a Corvette and slip it into the MG.

1977 MG MGB Engine Bay

He liked the idea, so that’s what we ended up doing. We replaced all of the suspension with parts from Fastcar. We installed a 2004 Corvette 350 HP LS1 motor with a 5-Speed transmission and all necessary frame and body mods to handled the increased torque and power.

1977 MG MGB Underside

What we have now is a sleeper MG with 350 Horsepower. This little care is a whole lot of fun.

1977 MG MGB Roll Cage

UPDATE 1/15/21: The MG is back for some more work, including fixing some bent axles.

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