1973 BMW 3.0 CS

We’re going to do a tune up on this 1973 BMW 3.0 CS – wires, plugs, points, condensers.

There’s a mystery clunk in the front end we’re going to figure out, something to do with the suspension. Basically, we’re just performing some maintenance.

We actually have one of these in the shop that will be another shop project in the future.

Troy, the owner of Full Scale, used to own one of these cars years ago, and claims it’s his favorite car in the whole world.

Update 7/16/2020:

We’re in the process of getting all the wiring out of it. We have to make a repair to the wiring harness because there is some damage, and they don’t make these harnesses anymore.

We have to cut all the wrapping off the harness, inspect all of the wiring, repair what’s broken and then re-wrap everything.

Take a look at our 1973 BMW 3.0 CS gallery here.

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