1967 Chevy Nova

This 1967 Chevy Nova belongs to a customer we’ve done some other work for in the past. It’s in to have some detail work done.

1967 Chevy Nova Dash

We disassembled the grill and the headlights and fixed the rattles that were left by last shop that worked on this car. We tightened the lights and got rid of the rattles.

1967 Chevy Nova Engine

The owner asked us to black out, detail and clean up the accessories behind the grill so we took care of that. We also realigned the hood, the trunk lid, and the doors.

1967 Chevy Nova Rear

The car was put together about 4 years ago and over time things have come loose and have shifted around a little bit so the owner asked us to tighten things up and get the gaps straight. We’re just doing some fine tuning and detail work.

1967 Chevy Nova Side View

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