1966 Ford Mustang (2)

The owner of this 1966 Ford Mustang brought this vehicle to our shop to have a number of things done to it.

We’re doing a Detroit Speed conversion consisting of an Aluma-Frame front end with Wilwood brakes.

We’re also putting a 4-link in the back, along with a late-model overdrive transmission and a stroked 408 351 Windsor in it.

Right now, the car is all apart and we’re getting boxes of parts to do the conversion.

Update 7/16/2020:

Now we’re working on layout. We’ve been putting the motor and exhaust together, fitted a new radiator, made a bunch of brackets, strung a bunch of wire out.

We’re figuring out where everything goes and outfitting the car.

You can take a look at our 1966 Ford Mustang (2) Gallery here.

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