1965 Dodge A100 Van

This 1965 Dodge A100 Van is our latest shop project. It belonged to Troy, the owner of Full Scale, years ago – he sold it to a family member a while back and ended up buying back recently. Now we’re wrapping it up and getting it back on the road again.

We put a rebuilt 340 in it with aluminum heads, fuel injection, a nice camshaft and a nice valve train. When it’s all said and one, we should looking at about 410 horse power. We’re also doing a lot of work to reduce the amount of heat that comes into the cabin from the engine compartment.

For those unfamiliar with this style of van, the engine compartment sits right between the driver and passenger seats. We modified the engine bay cover and put a different radiator in it and changed the way air flows through the engine compartment so that it runs cooler.

We’re also rebuilding the exhaust and repositioning the exhaust outlets so that they’re closer to the back of the van. Previously, the exhaust dumped out just behind the driver and passenger doors, which also kept a lot of heat towards the front of the van.

Take a look at our 1965 Dodge A100 Van gallery here.

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