1963 Ford Falcon (Avery)

Ron and Donna Avery brought this 1963 Ford Falcon to us to look at some of the body work. We found that there was a lot of filler and cover up work on the car.

1963 Ford Falcon Inertior
Cars 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint © 2015 Ron Avery

So, we cut all the damaged metal out – both rear quarters, lower section of the doors, and the rust around roof section where the convertible roof attached. We hand formed the lower quarter panel and wheel openings, and hand formed all the sheet metal around the dutch panel between the trunk and convertible top.

1963 Ford Falcon Convertible Mechanics

We also installed a narrowed 8-inch 4-link rear end and a strut style front suspension with rack and pinion. Then we put Wilwood brakes all the way around.

1963 Ford Falcon Inner Door

We changed it from a 2speed Fordamatic to a C4 3-speed so that we could put a floor shift in, and we hopped up the 200 cubic inch inline 6. We made a real fun car out of it.

1963 Ford Falcon Metal Work

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