1950 Chevy Pickup

One of our repeat customers had purchased this 1950 Chevy Pickup. He had always wanted a black truck and was really impressed with how it looked. When he got it, he drove it right over to us to have us check it out.

1950 Chevy Pickup Inner Cab View

We soon discovered that for how nice it looked, it was absolutely frightening underneath. The chassis and the suspension were horrible. The guy that the owner bought it from misled him on what the truck had – he said it had this and that; in reality it did not.

1950 Chevy Pickup Front Body Section

At this point in time, the owner this 1950 Chevy Pickup decided that he had always wanted a nice truck, so we ordered a custom TCI chassis, and we’ll fit the engine and drive line to match up to the shaved firewall. Then we’ll fit the body, put the drive line in it, and then we’ll have the chassis powder coated.

1950 Chevy Pickup Bed

We’re doing a whole new engine package, an LS3. It’s an engine package that Chevrolet Performance offers. It’s a transmission and motor, wiring and all. So we’re going to retrofit it and put in a modern fuel injected motor in it thats 430 HP and gets 30 MPG. When we’re done with it, this truck will look the part and drive the part. It will be something you can actually drive and enjoy.

1950 Chevy Pickup Cab and Frame

Update 7/16/2020:

The bed is back on the truck now. We’re focusing on finishing the wiring, then we’re going to integrate the air intake filter into the front fender. Hoping to start this truck up in a few weeks.

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