1949 Ford Custom

This 1949 Ford Custom came to our shop to have a number of things done to it. We put all new weather stripping in the doors and the trunk. We installed new quarter glass in all four doors.

We also replaced the front glass and the seals front and back so now the car is leak free. We’re installing door panels and some of the interior.

We’re getting it ready for a brand new motor – we have a new Flathead coming for it which we’ll install. then it goes to the upholstery shop for the headliner.

Lastly, we’ll do the metal work on the car and get it ready for paint.

Update 7/16/2020:

We’ve separated the car body from the chassis so we can begin doing the metal work repairs.

The floors, rocker panels and bottom sections of the pillars have been removed and will be repaired with new sheet metal. We set up bracing to hold the body square after we cut away the rotten metal.

Our fabricator Sean has been replicating most of the parts we’re replacing by hand, and has been doing an excellent job. This is where all the magic happens. Everything needs to be measured precisely and fit, otherwise the rockers won’t fit correctly, the doors won’t close properly, etc.

Take a look at our 1949 Ford Custom Gallery here.

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