1933 Ford 3-Window Highboy

This 1933 Ford 3-Window Highboy belongs to a customer we’ve done several other cars for, who purchased and brought it in to us to fix a few things. It had some oil leaks, transmission leaks, the front window was put in wrong and the side glass was actually plexiglass.

1933 Ford 3 Window Highboy Passenger Side View

Since the side glass wasn’t fitting right, we repaired the window tracks and now we’re waiting on some channel material to arrive. We’re making patterns for the glass so we can have new glass cut for it. Afterwards, we’ll reinstall the glass and finish the doors.

1933 Ford 3 Window Highboy Steering Wheel

There were aftermarket Edlebrock valve covers on the engine of this 1933 Ford 3-Window Highboy. Those are great, but they didn’t clearance them for the tunnel ram. Therefore, they were hitting on the edge and the gaskets couldn’t fit down properly. That caused them to leak oil down on the inside. So we put notches on the valve covers so that they would fit properly. Then we put on the correct gaskets because the ones that were there were not correct for these valve covers.

1933 Ford 3 Window Highboy Engine

There was also transmission fluid leaking out of the dipstick of this Highboy. There’s an O-ring when you install the dipstick tube, and that tube had gotten rolled up so it wasn’t sealed properly. We were able to address that, and now the engine is leak-free.

1933 Ford 3 Window Highboy Engine Closeup

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